Monday, November 14, 2005

Today's New York TIMES

I liked the article in today's New York Times about the man in New Mexico who purchased, for his spouse, the complete set of the Penguin Classics Library. That's 1082 books. The seller: The price: $7989.50 + free shipping. I went to Amazon's site to see if any of Dreiser's works are within that set. Just one: "Sister Carrie."

Sorry I've not made a post here in a few days. I'm still reading the short stories. OK, no excuse for not writing anything. But, to be honest, I'm just not moved to write by these stories. On the bus this morning I almost I finished one - "Will You Walk Into My Parlour?" - which had potential and I wanted to give it a thumbs up. Finally finished it at lunch. In many ways, it is a good story; but I thought the end petered out - that, after 70 pages!

Why isn't anyone writing any responses? No one reading any novels? Anyone planning to attend the Dreiser commemorative at the community college in New York in June, 2006? I plan on being there.

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