Monday, March 27, 2006

Did you think I'd never return...?

Hello... Uh... What time is it...? Wow, I must've been asleep... Last thing I remember was discussing an opera about American Tragedy. And C'mas Eve. Was that last year? Couldn't be. Hey, I wonder if my second publication was ever mailed from "The International Dreiser Society." Oh... no, never got that; well, I'm sure they're working on it. I wonder if they ever updated that one web-site entry from 2003...?

Anybody out there...?

Since my last posting I have read quite a few of D's works: Hoosier Holiday, Jenny Gerhardt, Genius. Here's a joke I used at work. Let's say someone walked by while I was reading at lunch. He/she might ask: Tom, what're you reading? I'd say, I'm reading your biography (and I'd show them the title: "Genius".) They'd laugh. Then I'd say: and this is only Volume I. Brought the house down.

Genius is brilliant. I don't think H.L Mencken liked it - I have to go back and re-read his comments; I didn't finish them because I didn't want Mencken to give away the ending - which is phenomenal. When Eugene and Suzanne pass each other after five years and pretend not to recognize each other, that misconnect and disconnect are riveting. I thought of the weirdness that characterizes events in "The Alexandria Quartet", where reality oftentimes seems up for grabs.

Gotta go. I'll be back. Love to hear from you!


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